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Pricing and Terms Page
Pricing and Terms

We have established client-friendly pricing and terms for our retained search services. Our general terms are detailed below. If you are interested in learning more or discussing a search opportunity with us, please email our Client Services Team or call us at (312) 207-1190, ext. 102.

Client Obligations
You will provide us with a complete and accurate job description, a target compensation package, and benefits information. You agree to make key personnel available for candidate interviews.

Our fee for retained searches (the “Search Fee”) is typically 33 1/3 percent of the first year targeted compensation of the placed candidate. We offer discounted rates if we are conducting multiple searches on your behalf. We also offer a significant discount on your fee if an offer is made within ten days of your conducting candidate interviews.

Fee Schedule
The Search Fee is paid in three installments. Prior to engaging our services, we establish an Estimated Search Fee, based on the estimated salary. You then remit a non-refundable retainer that is equivalent to one-third of the Estimated Search Fee. After you have interviewed one or more candidates, you remit a second non-refundable third of the Estimated Search Fee. The final non-refundable payment, due upon acceptance of an employment offer by a candidate, shall be the difference between the Search Fee, less any discounts, and the amounts remitted to date.

Reimbursed Expenses
In addition to the Search Fee, you will reimburse Grand Roads for reasonable expenses associated with the search. Expense detail will be provided on a monthly basis and is payable on receipt. Expenses will include such items as travel, food, lodging, long distance telephone calls, and background checks. We shall undertake certain expenses, such as travel, only if pre-authorized by you.

Exclusive Search
For a period of 120 days (€The Exclusive Period”), you agree not to give the assignment to another executive search firm. If, during the course of the Exclusive Period, you hire a candidate on your own or from another source, then you will be obligated to pay Grand Roads the full Search Fee. The Exclusive Period commences when you have signed the Executive Search Agreement, made the first retainer payment, and instructed Grand Roads Executive Search to begin the search. If necessary, at the end of the Exclusive Period, it can extended.

Performance Guarantee
Your satisfaction is guaranteed. For a period of six months after the candidate's start date, Grand Roads Executive Search guarantees that the candidate you hire will not voluntarily terminate employment or be terminated for reasonable cause. In the unlikely event that the candidate quits or is terminated for cause, Grand Roads will repeat the entire search process with no additional Search Fee (except for continued reimbursement of reasonable expenses). This guarantee is contingent on timely payment of fees in accordance with the terms of our agreement and notification within ten business days of employee termination.

Hands-Off Period
Many search firms will agree not to recruit employees they have placed with you for a period of one year. We take this a step further. We will not actively or inactively recruit any of your employees for a period of two years (following the employment date of the last executive recruited by you as a result of our direct involvement). This includes employees at any subsidiary, affiliate or related company.

Additional Fee Triggers
If the search is not completed during the Exclusive Period and you subsequently hire a candidate that we presented to you (within two years of the date we advised you of the candidate's availability), you shall remit a payment equal to the difference between the Search Fee, less any discounts, and the amounts remitted to date. In addition, should you hire one or more of our candidates for a different position (within two years of the date we advised you of the candidate's availability), you agree to pay us the Search Fee for each of those positions upon acceptance of your employment offer by the candidate.

Exclusive Remedy
The Performance Guarantee is your exclusvie remedy. You will not be entitled to any refund of fees or reimbursed expenses. Grand Roads shall not be liable for any compensatory, or other, damages resulting from employment of the candidate.